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It's the color of new leaves. Chartreuse can be very acid, but this is more of a soft yellow-green, easy to work with. I see it in a master bedroom with creamy linens and a touch of coral.

As far as colors go, you should include earthy shades. Zen decors are not particularly known for their warmth but they're always relaxing and calm. Create visual continuity in the room, between the walls, furniture and floors. If you want a few pops of color, you can play with different shades of your favorite color or use two matching tones.

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14 Calming Paint Colors To Help You Chill The Eff Out. BUY NOW Blue-Green Paint, $4, homedepot.com Pink doesn't have to look like a bottle of Pepto-Bismol exploded in your room. Choose a coral shade with cooler undertones. Coral Paint, $15, homedepot.com Not too gray, not too violet, mauve is totally soothing.

Balance out a stately gray with bright accents (such as turquoise) to give the room a calm but cheerful vibe. Paint Color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore Gray brings out the vibrancy of other colors such as lavender and blue. — Karen Robertson, interior designer

Zen design flows from the natural world like water from a spring. Bring those elements of stone, water and air into your bathroom by picking colors that reflect them. Designers commonly choose sand, taupe, gray, green and black but bright colors work, too (if you like red, use pomegranate or cranberry, not stoplight).