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String Chandeliers What others are saying Super easy garden chandelier~~~egg basket, (or any wire basket of choice), place a 'few' clear glass ornaments inside and wrap in and around with a string or two of white lights. This also has some glass ornaments in it.

Style is an important component to chandeliers. You want the style of your home to match the style of your small chandelier. For example, if you live in a modern home, then you should be browsing mini chandeliers that are also modern. If your home is on the beach, then coastal chandeliers are best.

Measure the length of crystal strand you need for your chandelier. Weave the loose end of a ball of string throughout the arms of your chandelier to create elegant, even drapes. Cut the string with

Chandeliers can fit into almost any room of the home, but you need to be careful about blending a new chandelier in with existing implements. Deciding whether you will place a chandelier over the dining table versus in the grand entryway will determine the specific type of chandelier and size you will want.

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How to Make a String Pendant Lamp. Creating your own pendant lamp is an easy (albeit time consuming) DIY project that can spruce up any room. They're modern yet simple and classic and can fit most décor schemes. Think about the look you