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We examine the top office design trends. Whatever the scheme, these concepts imply new work modalities as well as novel design solutions and better technology support—all integrated with human resources strategy, says Casanova.

Office interior design concepts, In order to get more yield out of your office production, you should have great office interior design to give you motivating power. Hence take a look at this article and the pictures of fantastic office interior design that bring creativity in every employee.

The home-away-from-home concept is basically what this office design idea is all about. If you want your office to feel homey for your employees, infuse homely aspects into the workplace. Have a sleeping area, bar, lounge, TV or gaming room — you can be as quirky as you want!

A big trend in office design that is sweeping the world is the concept of a workplace that resembles a home away from home. From bright and comfortable sofas to recreational swings to ping-pong tables to lounge areas, the idea is to make the workplace as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Office 10 Trends in Office Design These Changes Will Affect How Companies Buy and Use Space. T rends in office space size and configuration undoubtedly will affect office leasing and sales. What will the office of the future look like and how will it affect commercial real estate? To find out

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